About King’s Gate

It is our mission to take the love of Jesus Christ to the community by partnering with families to equip the whole student for their individual calling through a rich, experiential education. King’s Gate has been loving and respecting children and families since 1977. Our intent is to encourage in each child a love of GOD, a positive view of self, creative self-expression, an attitude of cooperation and sharing, and an expanding knowledge of the world in which we live. We provide a safe age/grade-appropriate learning environment rich in experimentation, peer and adult interaction, diversity, play, exploration, and a balance of routine and novelty. We strive to meet each student’s individual needs in an atmosphere that develops a sense of trust and belonging and where each student’s ideas are valued.

King’s Gate is a school with a sincere respect for all students and their capacity to find meaning and purpose through their experiences. We respect each student’s competence, autonomy, and initiative and foster these through developmentally-appropriate expectations, curriculum, and activities. At all times, we are committed to be advocates for children, their families, culture and community. We do not hide our belief that every individual is created by GOD. Knowing they are a unique workmanship, we respect and support their uniqueness, learning styles, abilities and personalities.