All King’s Gate classrooms are fully accredited by the Oklahoma Private School Accrediting Commission (OPSAC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), following a rigorous preparatory and evaluative process. King’s Gate is the only ACSI accredited school in our area that chooses to include the infant, toddler, preschool and Pre-K classrooms in the accreditation process. The evaluative process scrutinizes the following areas: philosophy/policy-making body, administration, personnel, curriculum, nutrition and food services, physical environment, health and safety, and family and community services. Accreditation ensures that a specialized outside team has validated the integrity and quality of our programs and that King’s Gate has achieved standards higher than the state requirements.

King’s Gate is exempt from state licensing through the Department of Human Services, as we are regulated through multiple accrediting organizations including OPSAC. OPSAC enables us to be regulated in like manner as public schools and accreditation with ACSI provides assurance to families that we are providing the highest quality Christian program possible for every enrolled child. We voluntarily exceed the guidelines of licensing.

ACSI’s accreditation program communicates a program’s quality and integrity. The ACSI accreditation program goes one step beyond traditional accreditation assessment by addressing the program’s spiritual mission. We seek to increase the vision for a student’s intellectual development through Christian faculty who model a rigorous Christian mind in their teaching and leading.” ACSI

“The Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission assists the Oklahoma State Board of Education by monitoring and approving organizations that accredit nonpublic (private) elementary and secondary schools in Oklahoma.” OPSAC

Why does it matter if a school is accredited?

  • Accreditation documents that the school is true to its own foundational statements (mission, vision, core values, goals)
  • Accreditation affirms that the school meets standards of quality established by the international school community
  • Accreditation provides validation of the credibility of the school through a peer-review process
  • Accreditation promotes accountability to the school community
  • Accreditation improves instruction targeting increased student achievement
  • Accreditation promotes ongoing instructional improvement through a continuous process of self-assessment and systematic school development
  • Accreditation encourages the evaluation of the biblical and spiritual integration of the school
  • Accreditation transfers credits between schools and between the nation’s school systems

Standards of High-Quality Christian Education:

  • King’s Gate promotes positive relationships for all children and adults to encourage each child’s sense of individual worth.
  • King’s Gate implements a curriculum that fosters all areas of child development: cognitive, social/emotional, language, physical, and spiritual.
  • King’s Gate provides ongoing assessments of a student’s learning and development and communicates the student’s progress to the family.
  • King’s Gate promotes the nutrition and health of children and protects children and staff from injury and illness.
  • King’s Gate employs a teaching staff that has the educational qualifications, knowledge, and professional commitment necessary to promote children’s learning and development and to support families’ diverse needs and interests.
  • King’s Gate establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with each child’s family.
  • King’s Gate establishes relationships with and uses the resources of the community to support the achievement of program goals.
  • King’s Gate provides a safe and healthy physical environment.
  • King’s Gate implements strong personnel, fiscal, and program management policies so that all children, families, and staff have high-quality experiences.