1977 – King’s Gate Christian School was founded as an outreach ministry of Our Lord’s Community Church (OLCC). The Family Life Board was the oversight committee and was comprised of an Our Lord’s pastor or elder, the school Director and members of Our Lord’s Community Church who were parents or grandparents of children enrolled in a King’s Gate program.

In the early years – The King’s Gate Child Development Center provided preschool and full-time childcare for children in the OKC area. There was an initial emphasis on infant stimulation, the inclusion of the handicapped and school readiness.

1986 – OLCC built and relocated with King’s Gate to its current facility. King’s Gate’s preschool was maintained and the full-time childcare became Mother’s Day Out two days a week.

1993 – King’s Gate was accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, which recognizes outstanding Early Childhood Programs that meet national standards of quality.

1996 – King’s Gate began offering the only audio learning preschool program for the hearing impaired in Oklahoma. King’s Gate Christian School continues to support and advocate for Hearts for Hearing as they provide a supportive early childhood learning environment for hearing-impaired children.

1998 – After many years of planning and hoping, King’s Gate added kindergarten. King’s Gate also began providing extended day programs for parents who needed longer hours between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. The extended day programs offer learning through play and social interaction.

1999 – A new addition was completed that provided a new kindergarten classroom at OLCC, a large multi-purpose classroom, two handicap-accessible bathrooms and a kitchen.

2001 – Music and science programs were added to add further educational enrichment.

2003 – King’s Gate accomplished accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Oklahoma Private School Accrediting Commission which recognize schools for their dedication to provide quality education and care for the children in their community.

2005 – Before and after school programs were added to provide quality care beginning at 7:30 am and lasting as late as 5:30 pm.

2008-2009 School Year –A first-grade class was provided in a classroom used for kindergarten huddles. Adding elementary classes to King’s Gate has been a conversation that covers the lifespan of our school.

2009-2010 – The first second grade class was provided while the Board investigated the hope and goal of going through the fifth grade. An OLCC classroom was remodeled to accommodate another elementary class.

2009 – King’s Gate was reorganized into a new 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization separate from Our Lord’s Community Church. The intent was to allow the King’s Gate programs (King’s Gate Christian School, Mother’s Day Out and Super Summer) to continue to benefit from the support of a loving congregation while allowing the governing of the policies and procedures to be handled by those directly associated with King’s Gate’s ministries. The Family Life Board became the *King’s Gate Board.

Spring of 2014 – During Round Table meetings with King’s Gate administration and parents, a group of parents hoping to see King’s Gate expand through 12th grade formed a school growth committee and helped launch the Growing King’s Gate campaign. The committee surveyed the families and following overwhelming support and positive feedback, made a proposal to the Board asking that they move towards school expansion. The Board, families and the staff participated in a two-day Strategic Planning event, led by Ed Thomas who is a leader in Christian education in our region. Key priorities were identified.  A feasibility study demonstrated that through our supportive friends and King’s Gate’s favor in the community there is sufficient capacity to draw financial support in order to underwrite school expansion.

Fall of 2014 – King’s Gate opened a satellite Child Development Center at Surrey Hills Baptist Church.

Spring of 2015 – The King’s Gate board committed to expand through 12th grade.

Fall of 2017 – Through the Growing King’s Gate capital campaign and our partnership with Surrey Hills Baptist Church (SHBC), renovated and newly equipped space at SHBC opened to allow our first through sixth grade to relocate to SHBC with the plan that they would grow into our first middle and high school classes at that location. This group includes our first King’s Gate Christian School graduates!

Spring of 2018 – OLCC leadership informed King’s Gate that the church was moving in a new direction and the school would need to relocate after the 2018-2019 school year.

Fall of 2019 – In partnership with SHBC, the first floor of the Next Generation Center (NGC) opened to provide six more classrooms and a state-of-the-art science lab. We continue to raise funds in order to complete the top floor of the NGC facility to provide additional classroom space so that King’s Gate can continue to expand through 12th grade.

Fall of 2019 – King’s Gate opened a Child Development Center satellite location at Village Baptist Church on May Avenue in OKC.


*The Board – The members of the Board are supporters and advocates of the King’s Gate programs who understand the ministry and priorities of the school. When looking for members, the Board is especially attentive to parents and grandparents of children who have attended or are currently attending King’s Gate Programs who can contribute specific skills and experience to support the work of the Board. Board members are known to be godly individuals who prioritize and exemplify biblical guidelines for leadership, the pursuit of peace and kingdom education. All members respect King’s Gate policies and procedures in word and deed. When providing oversight for the school and advocating for change or new policies for the school, Board members are guided by biblical principles and follow the guidelines provided by established policies and By-laws.

The King’s Gate Head of Schools (HOS) serves as a non-voting member of the board. The HOS may appoint an additional staff member to serve as a non-voting member to provide information and support for the work of the HOS with the Board. The Board also includes a non-voting liaison member from each of our host churches.

The Board continues to ensure that King’s Gate Ministries provides accredited thriving programs through qualified and loving teachers, staff and management; appropriate early childhood, elementary and middle school environments; up-to-date and accountable policies and procedures; fiscal responsibility; and strategic planning in an ever-changing educational climate.