Mission & Philosophy


It is our mission to take the love of Jesus Christ to the community by partnering with families to equip the whole student for their individual calling through a rich, experiential education.

Core Values

We believe that every individual is created by GOD for His purposes and for His glory. Knowing they are a unique workmanship, we respect and support their uniqueness, learning styles, abilities, and personalities. In addition, we will intentionally frame the King’s Gate educational experience around the hope that King’s Gate students and families will come to know Jesus Christ as their LORD and SAVIOR, grow in the knowledge of our LORD, and they in turn will take this hope to the world.

Christ Centered Philosophy – Kingdom Education

At King’s Gate we desire for our students to recognize they have been created with a unique purpose and calling. The Apostle Paul reminds us in Ephesians 2:10, “For we are GOD’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” We are God’s workmanship, created by the greatest artist of all time!

We know each student’s personality, purpose and life calling are wrapped-up within them, even before they walk into King’s Gate. As teachers, our job is to help children recognize that purpose and calling, then we celebrate it and empower them to walk in it.

Kingdom Education

Kingdom Education is a philosophy of education and learning that is intentionally and strategically designed to prepare not only the minds, but the hearts of young people. At King’s Gate we hold to the truth that knowledge is critical to students fulfilling GOD’s plan for their lives.

However, we also hold to the truth that knowledge apart from the wisdom of GOD, is detrimental to culture and society.

It is the strong belief of King’s Gate Christian School that GOD has an intentional purpose to use Kingdom Education as a valuable tool to impact the minds and hearts of students in such a way that these students then impact this culture for the Kingdom of GOD.

By giving children a Kingdom Education, they recognize that Christ is woven throughout every fiber of true education, and will impact everything they set out to accomplish.

King’s Gate Christian School is committed to delivering Kingdom Education in a way that accomplishes the preparation of a student’s intellectual ability, intentional for each unique child, while at the same time equipping each student spiritually to utilize their knowledge and spiritual training to make an impact for the Kingdom of GOD.


Intentional and Strategic – Kingdom Education targets the minds and hearts of students in intentional and strategic ways to truly have an impact on the whole child.

Biblical Worldview Integration – A biblical worldview is presented through all aspects of Kingdom Education.  This includes academics, extra-curricular, spiritual training, discipline management and relationships. The worldview of an individual is being developed at all times, and is so important that it cannot be left to chance.  At King’s Gate, we are committed to coming alongside our parents and churches in developing a biblical worldview in the lives of our students.  Worldview includes such critical areas in the development of an individual, including one’s view of God, one’s view of man, one’s view of truth, one’s view of right and wrong, and one’s view of the future.

Relationship Focused – It is the belief of King’s Gate Christian School that Kingdom Education cannot be accomplished apart from Godly relationships. All relationships are based on unconditional love.

Academic Excellence – Academic excellence for all students based on God’s gifting of each unique individual.  King’s Gate functions with the understanding that all children are gifts from God and unique in every way.  Our programs are designed in the context of this understanding.

Opportunity – Kingdom Education is designed to allow full opportunity for students to participate, grow, mature, experiment, experience, and become all that God desires them to be spiritually, academically, socially and physically.

We invite you to experience Kingdom Education through King’s Gate Christian School.