“There is not another school that compares to what King’s Gate provides and the manner in which they provide it.”

– Laura Gautreaux

King's Gate Christian School


We cultivate a student’s natural curiosity through experiential learning with hands-on and project-based learning strategies to engage in authentic problem-solving and critical thinking tasks. Using the modern ideal of STE[a]M, we emphasize the value of the learning process as much as the results in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math subjects. All subjects are Bible-based, helping students understand that godly principles apply to every area of life.

Hands-On Learning

Students test their own theories, build on prior knowledge, and collaborate with peers. We encourage play, invention, and open-ended exploration to empower our students for their GOD-given purpose. Every classroom is equipped with Smartboards or smart TVs and our elementary and upper school students use Chromebooks.

Biblical Immersion

Because we can never fully grasp all of GOD’s wisdom in our lifetimes, King’s Gate cannot guarantee any student leaves here with a biblical worldview. We do guarantee, however, to offer tools and experiences for your student to develop a biblical worldview. Who GOD is, who we are, His perfect design for mankind, and the Truth of His Word is the foundation of every subject we teach, not an addition to them. Everything we teach is built around the framework of:

  • Creation – what ought to be; the perfect, sinless world GOD created for us
  • Fall – what is as a result of disobedience in the garden
  • Redemption – what it can be through the saving grace of Jesus’s death on the Cross
  • Restoration – what it will be when Jesus returns to make all things new


We accomplish this by comparing what GOD says to what man thinks, memorizing Scripture, and studying the Truth of His Word with all students from toddler to graduate.