Tuition Assistance

Thank you for your interest in the King’s Gate Tuition Assistance Program. It is our pleasure to serve you and your children. King’s Gate has partnered with the Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF) in order to help assist our families. The Opportunity Scholarship Fund is a Scholarship Granting Organization that provides scholarships to Oklahoma K-12 students attending accredited private schools in our state.

The scholarship funds are voluntarily provided to individual schools by private individuals and corporate donors. The information you provide in this application will be reviewed by the King’s Gate scholarship committee and then submitted to the King’s Gate Board for approval. Once the application has been approved it will be sent to OSF.

When scholarship funds are received from OSF the checks are made payable to both King’s Gate and the scholarship applicant. Checks are endorsed by both parties and deposited with King’s Gate to use for the applicant’s scholarship.

The terms/conditions of King’s Gate tuition assistance and/or enrollment are:

  • KGCS tuition assistance cannot be combined with the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship. If you have applied for and are awarded the Lindsey Nicole Henry (LNH) Scholarship, the KGCS tuition assistance (if awarded) will be revoked. Your LNH scholarship will then be applied.
  • Some KGCS tuition assistance is funded through the Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF) donations designated for King’s Gate. OSF has an application that must be completed by recipients. Accepting this award will require your cooperation with the application to access these funds.
  • The student must be a legal resident of the United States, live in Oklahoma and have been accepted by an accredited Oklahoma private school for the 2019-20 school year.
  • The student must meet ONE of the following three criteria:
  • Live in a family within the Adjusted Gross Income guidelines OR;
  • Attend, or live in the attendance zone of a public school designated as “in need of improvement” by the State Board of Education OR
  • Attended an Oklahoma public school with an individualized education program (IEP)
  • Recipients must pay tuition on time.
  • Tuition assistance is contingent on the enrollment of student and payment of application, as well as, enrollment fees. The student must first be accepted to the school before a scholarship interview is scheduled with the Board of Directors.
  • Recipients must actively participate in King’s Gate’s fundraising efforts
  • GALA – Family must bring in a minimum of 3 donated new items to be sold and find at least one t-shirt logo sponsor
  • Amazing Race – Family must send at least 12 letters for the Race (or Serve the City for the Surrey campus) and find at least one t-shirt sponsor.

This is the minimum we ask of all King’s Gate families, so these expectations are fitting for those who are the primary beneficiaries of all fundraising efforts. Please strategically think of companies and individuals who you could ask to support our fundraising efforts. Many of our parents find it easier to find favorable sponsors if they ask companies with whom they do business or where they know someone.

  • Tuition assistance will be discontinued after the Gala or the Amazing Race when a family chooses not to assist in the ways described. In addition, you will become ineligible for future assistance.
  • Family must be positive advocates for King’s Gate in word and deed.

The tuition assistance program is based on demonstrated financial need and determined according to your family’s present situation.   The information you provide in this application will be reviewed by the King’s Gate Board and will be kept confidential.

Tuition Assistance Time Frame

April 3               Tuition assistance information due

April 6-10          Interviews completed

April 21             Assistance Awards are voted on by the King’s Gate Board

May 15              Deadline for families to accept or deny tuition assistance

If Tuition Assistance is requested outside of the time frame listed above, interviews will occur prior to the scheduled Board Meeting so that it can be voted on immediately. The family will be notified in writing within a week of the Board’s decision, and will have two weeks to accept or deny tuition assistance.