Pastor’s Tuition Discount

Thank you for considering King’s Gate Christian School for your family. The KGCS Board of Directors approves a portion of our scholarship fund each year to bless pastors and church ministers with a reduction in tuition of up to $1,000. Assigning these discounts is one of the great joys of our ministry. It is important that we serve as good stewards in assigning these discounts to pastors and ministers who truly need the assistance to send their children to King’s Gate Christian School. Eligibility is based on several conditions.

  • Required for all eligible pastors.  The pastor must:
  • The KGCS board reserves the right to limit the number of discounts granted to any one church.
  • Eligible Pastors will receive a tuition discount for their family of up to $1,000.  All other fees apply.

In addition to the pastor discount, pastors are also eligible to apply for general tuition aid:

  • General tuition aid awards are given based on comparative family financials and require applying through the full tuition aid application process.
  • Terms and conditions are applicable for all award recipients
  • 50% tuition aid is the max possible, but rarely available. If a tuition discount of up to $1,000 is awarded, it is an exception granted by the tuition aid committee to award tuition aid in addition to the discount.

To apply for the KGCS Pastor Discount, pastors must submit a simple request form, signed by their board that verifies their eligibility.

The Pastor Discount application is valid for one school year.  Pastors must submit an application form each year to receive the discount in subsequent years.

Questions about Pastor’s Discount can be emailed to Wyndi Bradley, Director at: or you may call at 405.752.2111