Lion Pride Blog

3rd Grade Quilt Exhibit at NW Library

King’s Gate Christian School 3rd grade students proudly showed their quilt art at the NW Library. Do not miss your chance to see their amazing designs at the NW Library. The quilt art will be on display until next Wednesday, May 9th.  

KGCS Naturalist Club

We couldn’t be more excited to kick-off our first week of the Naturalist Club, hosted by Ms. Laurie Gillum, our science teacher, and wildlife biologist. This week the students discussed soil composition, color, texture, formation, and landscapes. The students had the opportunity to paint with different shades of Oklahoma dirt to create their own outdoor… Read More

Largest Documented Migration of Monarchs in 25 Years

Ms. Laurie wanted to report her latest findings from Journey North, an organization that tracks the migration of Monarch butterflies, “Unusually strong migration was reported along the Texas Gulf Coast, where people witnessed 75, 100, and 200 monarchs in a single day. Numbers this high are typical during fall migration but exceedingly rare in the spring…. Read More

Growing King’s Gate Update 2/23/2018

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Sheldon Labs to design and build a state of the art high school science lab. We spoke with several ACSI and public school science teachers to ask them what they loved about their science labs and what aspects would they change. The majority of science… Read More

OKC Mom’s Blog and KGCS Open House 1.30.2018

We are LIVE with King's Gate Christian School touring their Surrey Hills campus! Do you live near Surrey Hills or their Hefner Pointe location? Find out more about this great school and ask any questions you may have! Join King’s Gate Christian School at their next Community Open House at their Hefner Pointe location on… Read More

Gaga Pit Complete at SH Campus!

Thanks to A-List Construction and the Saner family for donated the materials! Thanks to Terra Construction and the Stark-Waldrop family for building the finished product! Our gaga pit is complete and ready for players! The pit is located behind the construction site and the students are able to safely access it as it is located… Read More