Carpool Procedures

Help our Carpool Run Smoothly & Safely at Surrey Hills…..

Surrey Hills Morning Carpool

  • The School lobby doors will be open for carpool for Preschool-8th grade students from 8:00a.m. to 8:20a.m. Monday-Friday.There is no carpool for the Primer classes that begin at 9:30a.m.
  • Enter the Surrey Hills parking lot from 122nd St. and proceed around the circle to the King’s Gate School Entrance. After dropping off/picking up your child from the school entrance, please exit carefully out onto 122nd St.
  • Parents walking up to drop off/pick up their child, please park next to the sidewalk median and proceed across the crosswalk with the aid of the crossing guard. You will follow the sidewalk next to the building to the school entrance. Safety is a priority. Please stay in the designated walking areas to avoid being in the carpool traffic.
  • Students in Preschool will go straight to Happy Happenings in Room 5. Students K-8th will go into the Fellowship Hall and will be dismissed by class at 8:15 a.m.
  • Teachers will only load and unload children from the passenger side of the car.
  • Students that arrive after 8:20 a.m. will need to be walked into the school building and signed in at the office. They will be counted as tardy at that time.

Surrey Hills Carpool Pick-up

  • 11:15a.m (Preschool only) and 3:15p.m carpool pick-up will both take place at the school lobby doors Monday-Friday.
  • Please enter and exit the parking lot from 122nd St and proceed around the circle to the King’s Gate school entrance.
  • After picking up your child in the carpool line, please pull up slowly into the teacher’s parking lot to buckle your child into their car seat if needed. Once your child is in your car, please do not let them run back through the carpool for any reason. Please park and walk with them, if they have forgotten something, or need to tell a teacher something.
  • Please have your carpool name tag visible for afternoon carpool and for walk-ups.
  • Inside Pick-Up: If you come inside to pick up your child, please wait in the commons area inside the school lobby for your child. This keeps the hallway from becoming congested which can be very confusing for the children. Please be sure that the teachers see you when you pick up your child in the lobby.

Carpool Map Surrey Hills

Carpool tips

  • Please follow the diagram to keep carpool moving in the safest and most efficient manner possible.
  • Your help in this as we continue to grow is greatly appreciated. Your student’s safety is our #1 goal.
  • Remember, we share a parking lot with Surrey Hills Baptist Church. Please be considerate of all employees and please do not block the driveways.

Child Development Center (CDC)

  • There is no carpool for CDC.
  • Parent drop-off begins at 9:30a.m. at the School Entrance. Parent pick-up begins at 2:15p.m.
  • Primer 1 Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Primer 2 Class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Thank you so much for your help and support!