Gaga Pit Complete at SH Campus!

Thanks to A-List Construction and the Saner family for donated the materials! Thanks to Terra Construction and the Stark-Waldrop family for building the finished product! Our gaga pit is complete and ready for players! The pit is located behind the construction site and the students are able to safely access it as it is located in the field to the right of the construction site. This maybe your first time to hear about the game. It originated in Israel and ga ga means געגע, lit. ‘touch-touch’ in Hebrew, so think of it as an Israeli version of dodge ball. This game has become popular in several youth groups around town, so our students thought it was “a must” in the new playground. We’ll introduce the rules of the game to our students during Lion Pride Wake-Up on Friday.

Link to the rules of the game:
Youtube video of the game in action:


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