Gala Invitation List – Due Monday, Sept. 25th

Greetings Families!
The 2017 Gala planning is in full groove and your first opportunity to help is here. This year’s Gala is celebrating King’s Gate’s 40th anniversary by rolling back to 1977. It’s a night you will definitely want to share with your friends and family.
Inside the blue Gala folder you received at Parent Night you’ll find an Invitation List. Please complete this form with names and addresses of anyone who cares about your child’s education. We will send them an invitation to the Gala and an opportunity to donate toward our fundraising efforts if they cannot attend.
Feel free to email this to instead of using the paper form, or put the form in your child’s parent folder by Monday night.
Even if you talk to someone daily and can verbally invite them, or know they cannot attend the Gala, please let us send them an invitation so they can have the (very low-pressured) opportunity to support your child’s school. 
This is a one-time mailing, so rest assured we will not add your friends and family to a general mailing list.
Thanks for your help!
The 2017 Gala Planning Team

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