Growing King’s Gate Update 12/4/17

New Classroom Building at Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills Baptist Church voted to request a loan from the Baptist Convention to help build the new classrooms building as advertised through the Growing King’s Gate campaign. The Baptist Convention has graciously granted the loan to begin construction as soon as title work is finalized. We could be breaking ground as early as next week! The first floor will include 5 classrooms and a high school grade science lab. We have turned in the required specifications for the science lab last week and the second floor (i.e. 6 additional classrooms) will remain unfinished until we need the additional classroom space. The building is projected to be completed by the end of fall 2018.

Wonder Ground Update

Through the generosity of our families and ultimately, through the provision of GOD we set aside $10, 687 from our 2017 Gala for Wonder Ground, our outdoor classroom and playground. The playground and outdoor classroom are special features that do not benefit from the Growing King’s Gate campaign funding. The GKG campaign was designed to raise funds for transportation (bus), teacher salaries, scholarship funding, school technology and furniture needed for the renovated and new building spaces at Surrey Hills.

Our team would like to offer our students an outdoor classroom and playground space that reflects the experiential character of the learning opportunities they receive in their classrooms every day. We would invite you to stay tuned to the progress moving forward and help us find creative funding sources to bring each of the phases to completion.

Playground Funding and Timeline

Phase 1 (June- September 2017)

The total cost of the Outdoor Classroom and Playground design is $105, 350. We have already raised over $55,250 in in-kind donations, including plants, soil/compost, gypsum, plants, donated labor to build complete the pollinator garden though the creative direction of Robert Lewis & Associates and Terra Construction. We started this project expecting a very simple garden and Robert Lewis and Associates & Terra Construction created an incredible learning space that includes an enclosed garden with arbor.

Additional tasks completed in phase one:

  • 2 professional crews and church partners helped us clear the land of brush and debris. We filled a 20 and 40-foot dumpster on multiple occasions.
  • Soccer goals, balls, hula hoops and sidewalk games were prepared
  • Plant Wisdom and Hollis Wildflower Farm donated plants, as well as, seeds for the whole garden
  • A-List Dwellings donated all the treated woods and supplies to build a Gaga pit
  • Terra Construction provided design, resource acquisition and donated labor to complete the pollinator garden
  • Terra Construction built a bird blind to enable students to study birds more closely
  • Robert Lewis and Associates donated the design, resource acquisition, consulting and maintenance to help launch King’s Gate’s Butterfly (Pollinator) Garden. Ms. Laurie’s classes have identified over 25 species of wildlife and use the garden on a weekly basis for class

Phase 2 (December 2017)

Funding pledged in fall 2017:

  • King’s Gate Board of Directors ($5,000)
  • KGCS family ($5,000)
  • Wildlife and Fishing Services ($7,000)
  • 2017 Gala ($10,687)

*Grant request pending for $10,000

Phase 2 will include:

  • Wildlife observation deck made from trex and steel platforms
  • Covered round-circle outdoor classroom seating area. This seating area will be made from tinted concrete and formed in molds to make the seating appear to be wood.
  • Preparing proper drainage and leveling the land
  • Gaga pit
  • Partner with architect to create professional rendering of Wonder Ground

Phase 3

The construction of the playground area will represent phase 3, but a portion of the project will coincide with phase 4, as the tree house decks will have a slide that connects to the decks.

  • Pole climb
  • Swings
  • Climbing arch
  • Tire obstacle course
  • Balance Beams
  • Slack Line
  • Tire Teepee
  • Telescoping Tire Crawl
  • Slides 1 and 2

Phase 4

The balance of the tree house decks will be completed that have not been built during phase 3. There will be 4 tree house platform decks that will be split into two zones. These decks are staggered along a grove of trees and promote social engagement and imaginative play. Tree-house elements like climbing ropes, rock climbing holds and ladders make transitions to each deck fun and physically challenging.

  • Imagination Station (Deck 1)
  • Explorer Central (Deck 2)
  • Adventurer Lookout (Deck 3)
  • Discovery Bay (Deck 4)

How you can help

  1. Donate a gift: Please take a moment to view our full funding proposal. Every gift counts and every gift is tax deductible, as KGCS is a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit organization.  To support KGCS Wonder Ground, please contact Sara Lux, Director of Development and Advancement at 405-752-2111, ext. 209 or email her directly at
  2. Donate services: service donations include landscape labor, construction related services, consulting and design.
  3. Donate materials: If you donate goods, typically you are entitled to deduct the fair market value of your donation.
  4. Spread the word: The Wonder Ground campaign information can be found at

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