Handwriting Without Tears

The goal of Handwriting Without Tears® (HWT) is to make legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill for all students. The unique curriculum design and developmental teaching strategies facilitate this goal. Children can start learning to print in preschool, even though fine motor skills vary at these ages. Most preschoolers are developmentally ready to write letters, and milestones are met at different times for different children.

Handwriting requires not only cognitive ability, but physical, perceptual and developmental skill as well. This curriculum uses multi-sensory techniques and consistent habits for letter formation to teach handwriting to all students. With audio, visual, tactile and kinetic aspects, HWT is helpful for every learning style. In addition, HWT provides the instructional techniques and activities to help improve a child’s self-confidence, pencil grip, body awareness, posture and so much more!

Handwriting Without Tears® uses fun, entertaining and educationally sound principles. The design of HWT respects the development of children, their individual learning styles and as an experiential approach is consistent with the King’s Gate total environment.

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