Moving Forward: Packing Boxes of Optimism!

School has just ended, and we have already made one significant change this summer! Our teachers and staff began the process of moving much of the Hefner Pointe location to our Surrey Hills campus just hours after the final day of school. The months leading up to the move involved extensive behind the scenes preparation on behalf of the teachers and administration. Watching our staff come together and move from the planning process to collective action was yet another reminder of what makes King’s Gate so wonderful!

With so many exciting things to look forward to, including having us all together at our Surrey location, the move ahead has been marked by optimism. The only thing we appreciated more than the rain holding off until after the moving truck was loaded, was the team of volunteers who came and helped with the move! In true King’s Gate form, our parents showed up in our time of need.

The anticipation of seeing the excitement on our student’s faces when they see their new classrooms this fall makes the stacks of boxes waiting to be unpacked seem more energizing than daunting. Kindergarten teacher, Jen Plattner, said of the move, “We are excited to involve our community of Surrey Hills in every level of King’s Gate! I’m excited that we will all be working together as one school again, and I am positive that we will be successful!” As we head into the summer, we can’t wait to witness the transformation of our classrooms and provide sneak peaks along the way!



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