Nuclear Physicist visits King’s Gate Christian School

Few students have the opportunity to study nuclear physics unless in the university setting. However, our King’s Gate students were given an unique opportunity in September to learn a fascinating topic of science! Dr. Jack Brenizer, retired professor of nuclear engineering at Pennsylvania State University and grandfather of King’s Gate student Victoria Brenizer, spent the day teaching our 4th – 8th graders about different types of radiation, Geiger counter usage, the periodic table of elements, and radioactive decay. While in town for Grandparent’s Day, Dr. Brenizer and his wife Diane shared their love of science by explaining half-lives and decay of radioactive materials. The students were able to engage in hands-on experiments that demonstrated these principles by using M&Ms. The Brenizers wowed the students by showing how radiated salt changes color when electrons jump to another electron shell.

Exposing King’s Gate students to all types of science is important at King’s Gate. We want our students to understand the world around them and have the opportunity to determine if a particular area sparks interest so they can learn more on their own. A special thank you to the Brenizers for blessing us with such a fun and informative presentation!

“It was so cool. I loved learning about nuclear physics and how it works and types of radiation like alpha, beta and gamma.” –Arad, 6th Grade King’s Gate student

What happens when you heat salt?

Dr. Jack Brenizer heated salt to demonstrate how it changes colors when electrons jump to another electron shell.

“It was nuclear! We learned about something that college students learn about. Dr. Brenizer showed me stuff I didn’t know, and now I do.” -Trynitie, 6th grade King’s Gate student

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