We encourage you to be involved in your child’s education. We believe that a child will get the best educational experience only through a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Knowing that parent involvement increases the opportunity for a child’s success in school, King’s Gate works to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with each child’s family. Knowing the children we teach –individually, culturally, and developmentally– as well as knowing and working with their families as partners, is essential to our educational environment. We foster these relationships throughout the school year through many events that include family participation. These events include Meet the Teacher Night, Moms & Muffins, Dads & Donuts, Grandparents’ Day, the Christmas Sing, the Nativity Play, the Pre-K Bakery and Carnival, Memory Moments, field trips, Open House, and class parties. The daily carpool and the parent teacher conferences are other avenues that promote open communication and a partnership to strengthen your child’s opportunity for success. We offer many ways to gets involved and we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. We love seeing our parents at King’s Gate!

At King’s Gate we work to help our parents stay aware of what is happening in their child’s classroom. On Meet the Teacher Night, every family will receive a Parent Handbook that details the entire school calendar, weekly themes, skills covered, information about curriculum, staff contact information, school policies and much more. Also on Meet the Teacher Night, each child’s backpack will contain a sturdy document sleeve that will stay in each backpack throughout the school year as a Parent Note Folder. Parents will find their Parent Note Folders each night containing weekly “School Scoop” notes that detail the week’s events, the King’s Gate Link (our monthly newsletter), reminders about school events and activities. Each classroom’s lesson plans are posted on their bulletin board in the King’s Gate hallway.

The King’s Gate teachers collect a variety of samples of each child’s work in individual portfolios as a way of staying aware of each child’s progress and their need for support, practice and/or further extension of concepts. Each child’s learning and development is continuously assessed by the staff (working as a team) so that they can provide the best support and learning environment possible. The portfolios are also used to display examples of skill growth over time for progress/concern reports to parents. In addition to portfolios, the staff uses several assessment tools to track each child’s progress over time.

The King’s Gate staff is always visible and available to parents and families. The teachers handle carpool in order to have those few moments of face-to-face contact during drop-off and pick-up every day. There are Parent-Teacher conferences scheduled throughout the school year and on an as-needed-basis to help parents stay aware of their child’s progress and to discuss any concerns. If needed, King’s Gate will work with parents to establish an individual education plan and team for their child, and on occasion that includes professionals outside of King’s Gate Christian School.

We encourage parents to direct all questions, concerns or praise to their child’s teacher. We encourage parents to discuss with the child’s teacher and the Director any day-to-day school business and activities, curriculum, special programs, Memory Moments, field trips, building and grounds usage, staff, tuition and anything related to their child’s growth and development. If after discussion with the Director, a parent feels an area of concern warrants Board attention, a form is available from the Director that must be submitted to the Board Chairperson at least one week prior to the next scheduled monthly Board meeting. Upon receipt of this form, the Chairperson will place this matter as the first topic of discussion on the agenda and the parent(s) will be welcome to present the matter to the Board. Discussion will be limited to fifteen minutes.

During orientation week parents may sign up to be a “special guest” in your child’s classroom by attending Morning Meeting/Circle Time with your child, and then reading a favorite story to the class. Children LOVE the opportunity to show off their classroom to their parents, and to have their parent be the “special” storyteller. If you did not have the opportunity to sign up during orientation week, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher to sign up.

AUCTION (Parent Sponsored Fundraiser)
The annual dinner/live and silent auction is the main yearly fundraising event at King’s Gate. In order to keep our tuition as low as possible, we hold an annual dinner/auction to raise money for the school. Money raised at this event is used to fund many of our special programs and scholarships at King’s Gate, as well as equipment and supplies for the classrooms. On Meet the Teacher Night, parents will be offered the opportunity to sign up for auction committees. As well as supporting King’s Gate, being involved in the auction is a great way to meet and fellowship with other King’s Gate parents. We encourage parents to get involved with this fun way to support our school!

THE AMAZING gRACE (Child Sponsored Fundraiser)
The Amazing gRace is a fundraising event hosted by the children of King’s Gate in the spring of the school year. This event is a fun and great way for our children to participate in running activities while our city is participating in the annual Memorial Marathon.

The King’s Gate classroom environment offers learning experiences that help children develop good health habits and a strong sense of self worth. The curriculum and daily routines are embedded with opportunities to teach good health habits. We often have visitors in the classroom to extend learning. For example, during Dental Health Week, Smiley O’Reilly may come to help the children learn the importance of proper dental care in a fun, interactive and memorable way. In addition, children who stay in Extended Day through the lunch hour will brush their teeth following lunch in order to support good dental hygiene. Because research continues to reveal the need for water in a young child’s development and for overall health, all children are provided with a King’s Gate water bottle. Parents are asked to wash the water bottle in the evening and send it with their child each school day.  In order to support our families as they promote good health for their children, the King’s Gate newsletter includes healthy meal tips and snack ideas as well as health/nutrition resources and information.

In case of fire or danger of fire or explosion, the staff’s first responsibility is to evacuate the children to a designated safe area. Emergency exit plans are posted in each classroom and regular drills help us practice and prepare for an emergency. In case of bad weather, children will be taken to the designated harrdened storm room within Surrey Hills Baptist Church. The King’s Gate staff completes CPR and First Aid training annually in order to be as prepared as possible. Each enrolled child must have a copy of an updated record of immunizations on file. To assist parents, an up-to-date schedule of immunization requirements is available in the office or on our website. In an effort to provide a safer environment for children with nut allergies, King’s Gate works with families to be allergy friendly. The continuous promotion of health, nutrition and safety is present throughout the King’s Gate total environment, including our curriculum, daily routines, parent communication tools, staff training, administration, policies and the overall facility.