Lunch and Snacks


If your child will be at King’s Gate for a full day, please pack a lunch and label all items brought from home. If the items in the lunch need to be kept cool, please include an ice pack to protect these items. Please do not pack peanut or nut products and become familiar with our safe snack and safe lunch information. If you pack a peanut butter alternative, please note on the sandwich. No sodas/carbonated beverages are allowed.


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Hot lunches are available for purchase through our lunch delivery program with Benchmark Food Group. Lunches are $4.00 for each meal and are pre-ordered a month at a time.

Please be sure to visit Benchmark’s website to create your user account and to sign up for online lunch ordering:

Orders are due ONLINE by the end of each Wednesday PRIOR to the service week. You can order for the week or for the entire month and payments can be made online.

We would love to have your feedback about hot lunches at King’s Gate- cost, variety, ease of ordering, etc. Please email any comments regarding our hot lunch system to Linda Ford, Administrative Assistant at:


Safe Snacks
Each day, Preschool parents take turns bringing a nutritious snack. Please bring snacks from the Safe Snacks list. These snacks are all safe for children with peanut and nut allergies. A snack calendar will be provided for parents on Meet the Teacher Night. Snack Calendar rotation is for Preschool-Kindergarten only. First grade students and above should bring their own daily snack. To view a list of allergy friendly snack ideas, please visit our Allergy Friendly Snacks page.


Water Bottles 
We provide water bottles that are sent home each day. Please wash the bottle and send it back to school the next day. Research continues to reveal the need for water in a young child’s life. You may purchase a replacement water bottle for $2 in the office.


King’s Gate Programs are Allergy Friendly 

Thank you so much for your efforts toward ensuring an allergy friendly facility and a safer environment for all our children! This requires effort from every family and your sacrifices makes such a difference to provide a safer place for children with this life threatening allergy. Included in your Parent Handbook Folder is a list of “Safe Snacks” for when your child is Snack Friend, and a list of “Special Occasion Safe Treats” for parties. These snacks and treats do not contain Nuts, Nut Oil or Peanuts. All the items on the lists are safe. Information on how to identify peanut and nut free products and a list of “Unsafe Foods” is also included.

*If you have any questions about Safe Snacks, Special Occasion Treats or an Allergy Friendly Facility, please feel free to call the King’s Gate office,