Safety & Security

Immunizations and Health 

Each child must have a copy of his/her birth certificate and an updated record of immunizations from a physician or health personnel, or a Certificate of Exemption on file in the school before school begins. Any child unable to produce an immunization card by the end of the first week of school will not be allowed to enter school beyond the time frame until such a card arrives, by order of the Department of Human Services of the State of Oklahoma.

The schedule of immunization requirements is available in the office.



A child should not come to school if he or she:
• Has any contagious disease
• Shows signs of a fresh cold
• Has sore or discharging eyes
• Shows signs of fatigue
• Has had a temperature of 99 or more, stitches, or a cast within the past 24 hours
• Was sent home the day before due to symptoms/illness
• Has or has had anesthesia, thrown up, diarrhea, or had an upset stomach within the past 24 hours
Send your child to school only when he or she is well enough to participate in all school activities. King’s Gate does not have the provisions to keep a child inside while his class goes outdoors. If your child is ill and will miss school, please notify the office, especially if the child has a communicable disease.

Emergency Procedures
If a child becomes ill or is injured while at school the staff will provide appropriate first aid. If the illness or injury is not life threatening at the discretion of staff, the parents will be contacted to come for the child. If the illness or injury is life threatening, the staff procedure is as follows:
• Attempt to contact a parent or guardian.
• Attempt to contact parent through any of the persons listed on the form completed by the parent/guardian.
• Attempt to contact the child’s physician.
• If we cannot contact a parent, guardian or physician, we will do any or all of the following: (a) Call another physician or paramedic, (b) Call an ambulance, (c) Have the child taken to the most convenient medical facility under the escort of a staff member or sponsor.

Any expenses incurred will be borne by the child’s family.

Evacuation Procedure
In case of fire, bomb threat or danger of fire or explosion, the staff’s first responsibility is to evacuate the children to a designated safe area. Emergency exit plans are posted in each classroom. In case of tornado, children will be taken to a designated room within the facility.

Medication CANNOT be administered at school. However, King’s Gate will administer the Epi-Pen. Parents who have children who are severely allergic to nuts, bee stings, etc. may sign a consent form if they desire the Epi-Pen to be used in an emergency. Upon using the Epi-Pen, 911 emergency and the parents of the child will be contacted.
Inhalers – By State law, students may carry and self-administer an inhaled asthma medication. To do so parents must EACH School year complete the Asthma Medication Authorization form, which can be requested from the front office or printed from the following link: Medication Emergency Permission Authorization

Visiting King’s Gate
Things to remember when visiting King’s Gate:
• Parents and visitors are always welcome to King’s Gate. Parents/guardians or visitors who come to school must first report to the office so that they may sign in on the Visitor’s Sign-In Sheet. Before leaving, they must sign out with the office. If you intend to stay in your child’s classroom outside of a special event (i.e., memory moments, class parties), the school must obtain a background screening. These can be completed at a cost of $15 to the parent.
• Entrances to the school are locked at all times. Parents and visitors may gain access to the main building by ringing the doorbell. Forgotten items brought from home should be dropped off at the main office. Items will be delivered to the student.
• If parents/guardians would like to visit a classroom, outside of a special event, please notify the teacher at least 24 hours in advance to schedule.
• If you choose to eat lunch with your student, you may do so at the tables in the church’s narthex. Children are compelled to act differently when visitors are in the classroom. In addition some children become uncomfortable when there are visitors. To provide stability for all of our children, we ask that parents eat with their child outside of the classroom.
• If you have something of educational value that you would like to share with your child’s class, please work out a time with the teacher. These opportunities are wonderful contributions to build on our curriculum and the teacher will need to keep your visit in mind when planning the curriculum instruction.
• The predictable dynamics of a classroom or the playground change when a visitor does more than observe. Please stay to the side and quietly observe except during a planned presentation or in response to a teacher’s lead.
• As an adult in the classroom, you are setting an example. Do not rough-house, wrestle, tickle, swing a child around, etc. Please model safety and self-control.
• Outside of the lunch time, all children need to be able to work without distractions.
• Non-staff cannot assist non-dependents in the restroom or in diaper changing.
• Do not share information with the class that could embarrass your child or leave them with the burden of explaining or recovering from your actions or words.
• It is important for all children to have every school day be productive and predictable.
• King’s Gate teachers prepare students when there will be observers in the classroom. When observers integrate into their activities, children begin to feel awkward or act in ways that are inappropriate. This often keeps children from focusing because they stay preoccupied by the distraction.
We are very sensitive to the optimum environment for learning for every child and ensuring that the learning environment is highly productive.

Weather & Emergency Closing
When King’s Gate is closed due to weather conditions, it will be listed on local television channels. In the event of an emergency closing, King’s Gate staff will call parents so you can pick up your child(ren.) In the event of severe weather, safety procedures will be followed for your child’s protection.

Weather and Air Quality Advisory Guidelines
Weather permitting, the children will go outside every day. When it is cold outside, please dress your child in warm clothes and send your child to school in a coat. We will go outside as long as the wind-chill factor is above freezing. We will not go outside if the heat index is above 100 degrees. We will not go outside during a severe weather watch or warning, when there is lightning, or when there is an Air Quality Advisory.