Learning That Matters

King’s Gate empowers students to impact the world through an eternal, Kingdom perspective. Hands-on and collaborative learning is implemented to engage students in practical problem solving. Our innovative approach includes multimedia technology, social action and a willingness to go beyond the walls of the classroom all while integrating biblical truth into the student’s experience.

Experiential Learning

We believe education begins with the curiosity of the learner. Hands-on and project -based learning strategies are used to engage students in authentic problem-solving and critical thinking tasks.

Our strong core curriculum consists of a comprehensive approach that incorporate a unique science program, robust social studies, Bible, art, music, Spanish, physical education technology.


Our program of inquiry includes STE[a]M education – science, technology, engineering and math, plus the arts. This is a modern ideal which emphasizes the value of the learning process as much as the results. We encourage our students to experiment and test their own theories, to build on prior knowledge and to collaborate with their peers. We encourage play, invention and open-ended exploration to empower our students for their GOD given- purpose.


We incorporate technology including Smartboards in all classrooms. Chromebooks are used as tools to improve learning and increase instructional time. Students use technology to make their learning experience relevant and individualized. Students create documents, slides, movies, and know that information is at their fingertips. Technology is utilized by each and every student.