Class and Grade Information

What makes King’s Gate different from other private or public schools?


King’s Gate is not just a place or just a group of people. King’s Gate is “a way” of respecting and loving children. King’s Gate is a Christian school where every child is loved and recognized as a unique creation of GOD by a Christian staff working together to prepare each one for their individual calling. The King’s Gate atmosphere is overflowing with elements that are basic for inspiring students to pursue and value godly character. All King’s Gate children attend chapel every week. Preschoolers are introduced to biblical life principles and godly attributes during chapel while the elementary and middle school students participate in worship in the sanctuary. The teachers reinforce the biblical principles taught in chapel throughout the week through prayer, music, stories, the use of Bible verses to help guide and the integration of biblical truth into all content areas. Students are surrounded by a climate of mutual respect that improves self-esteem while they are inspired and empowered to solve their own problems and become self-directed learners, effective communicators, and productive citizens.

Partnership with Parents

King’s Gate is a family of families. Parents are engaged in the life of the school. Your input matters to us as we plan for the future. Parents participate in Round Table Meetings and in ongoing Strategic Planning with the Board and the staff.  Parents have the opportunity to participate in setting priorities for our Key Result Initiatives. The Key Result Initiatives already evident include, Extra-curricular/Fine Arts and Athletic Programs (Dove Dance, sports teams, Patriot Football and Cheerleading, OKC Knights, Art Club, STEM nights); PTO; Family Fun Nights; Facilities improvements, development efforts, Lion Pride Assemblies (a weekly all-school assembly); curriculum planning, and technology improvements. The Board has embraced that now is the time to move towards 12th grade in response to the families’ extensive efforts related to their hopes that their children will continue their King’s Gate experience through graduation. Join us as we seek GOD and plan for the future together!

Accreditations for Every Classroom (6 months through 8th Grade)

King’s Gate is accredited on state, national and international levels. Many schools have memberships in accrediting organizations, without acquiring the accountability of accreditation. Some schools acquire accreditation, but no other school in our area has chosen to include their infants, toddlers and preschool classrooms in their ACSI accreditation. The quality of every King’s Gate classroom is affirmed through accreditation by ACSI and OPSAC.

Highly Qualified Staff and Strong Ratios

Even though accrediting organizations are constantly raising the qualification requirements for teachers, King’s Gate continues to exceed the requirements. The King’s Gate classroom teachers are highly qualified with degrees in early childhood education, elementary education, child development and special education. The preschool teachers have their degrees in the field of education, child development or other relevant fields. Our science teacher is a wildlife biologist. King’s Gate has one qualified teacher for every nine children. Read more about our teachers on our Staff Page.

Team Teaching

While classrooms in other schools are taught by a teacher (that may or may not have a degree or certification), and some classrooms are lead by a teacher with an aid; King’s Gate preschool and Pre-K classrooms are taught by credentialed teachers. The preschool classrooms that have more than twelve children will have two qualified teachers, instead of a teacher and an aid. The elementary classrooms with more than 15 students have two qualified teachers. Working together as a team, the classroom teachers and the entire faculty apply their combined experience and education to teach and assess children. All King’s Gate teachers and staff will get to know your child.


Through our unique science program, children learn not to be intimidated by problems but rather to walk through the scientific process of testing theories, collecting data and building on prior knowledge. So rather than becoming intimidated by a problem, King’s Gate students learn to find answers. Ms. Laurie McIvor Gillum, our science teacher for children age three through the elementary grades, shares her incredible life experience from the rain forests of Hawaii and the Amazon, the barrier beach system, and the oceans of Alaska and Canada, as well as her experiences working to save endangered species. Ms. Laurie, our animals in residence, an early childhood science fair, and the integration of science across our curriculum are just the beginning of the reasons why the King’s Gate’s science program is beyond compare. We are also planning the construction of a science lab for our middle and high school students at our Surrey location.


Music is also integrated across all areas of the preschool and elementary curriculum. Every classroom will go to music weekly. All the students have music with Ms. Dawn Forcina. Using an experiential approach, they will cover music theory, concepts, and experiences that include: vocal exploration, sound/no sound, pitch/tone, melody, steady beat, tempo, dynamics, rhythm, patterns, an introduction to music notation, orchestral instrument families, Orff instruments and percussion instruments.

Quality Curriculum

The children at King’s Gate learn through experimentation with a wide variety of materials and through direct instruction by the teacher. Each preschool class has a new thematic unit every few weeks and is designed to be a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated learning. Concepts are taught through a developmental age/grade-appropriate approach. Math, science, social studies, music, literature, and art are all integrated into each unit. A preschool thematic unit schedule is sent home at the beginning of each year and lesson plans are posted outside of each classroom. The classrooms are organized in such a way as to encourage independence, promote caring and to maximize learning. Our curriculum is chosen and designed to provide opportunities that will challenge students at the edge of their capabilities and our environment is a safe and loving place to test their theories and learn from their experiences.

Christian Character Education

Preschool ~ Each week begins with chapel where a godly characteristic is introduced and defined through stories and songs (i.e. love, appreciation, friendship, cooperation, kindness, effort, truthfulness, respect, peace). The attribute is discussed and utilized throughout the week in Bible stories, books, music class, art activities, journals, group time discussions and dramatizations. We use Bible verses to reinforce a life of character. For example, a teacher might ask two children who are in a disagreement, “As far as it depends on you are you at peace with your friend?” (I Thessalonians 5:13). We practice the word of the week in Happy Happenings through Bible verses, songs, and music with Ms. Dawn.

Elementary ~ The elementary students have a weekly chapel in the worship center where they participate in singing praise and worship songs and listen to a biblical lesson. Each classroom has a time of sharing prayer requests and praying for the shared concerns. Each classroom has Bible class daily where they learn life application of a biblical lesson as well as a time to journal what they have learned as well as their prayers. Biblical truth is integrated into all content areas.

Extended Day

We offer extended day programs for children 3 years old through 7th Grade. Parents are able to bring their children for extended hours before and/or after their child’s class time. You can drop off as early as 7:30 am and pick up as late as 5:30 pm. You can also choose which days of a program your child is going to come early or stay late. We know that your family is unique and your world does not fit into a mold. Toddlers and two-year-olds can be enrolled in an early bird room on their CDC days beginning at 8:35 am. This allows families to drop off all of their kids (toddlers through kindergarten) within a five-minute span.

A One-of-a-Kind Outdoor Play Environment

The Surrey Hills Campus wetland, outdoor classroom, and playground are all in the planning stages. Visit our Surrey Hills Campus page for on-going updates about the playground and other Growing King’s Gate projects: