Wonderground at Surrey Hills

We are proud to announce that we have a beautiful outdoor classroom and playground funding proposal – thanks to King’s Gate parent and graphic designer Karen Stark Waldrop. Karen and her husband Brandon have been working hard to design a dynamic learning space that will promote imaginative play and help our teachers impart a love for learning in the great outdoors.

Do outdoor classrooms have benefits – beyond science class?

Outdoor classrooms help students achieve:

  • Higher scores on standardized measures of academic achievement in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies;
  • Reduced discipline and classroom management problems;
  • Increased student engagement and enthusiasm for learning; and,
  • Greater pride and ownership in students’ accomplishments.

Will the outdoor classroom and playground only benefit KGCS families? 

Surrey Hills Baptist Church is truly a community hub. We often see the police training their dogs in their backyard, exercise classes in fellowship hall, Lion’s Club meetings, home schooling groups and every home owners association in the area meet at Surrey Hills Baptist Church. We know that the outdoor classroom and playground will be a great blessing for the entire community.

How Can We Help?

The total cost of the Outdoor Classroom and Playground design is $105, 350. We have already raised over $55,250 in in-kind donations, including plants, soil/compost, gypsum, plants, donated labor to build the playground etc.

Do you know of a local corporation that might have a grant or charitable giving program that would be a good fit for our project? Many local businesses and national corporations have matching-grant opportunities. Would you take the extra step and ask your HR representative if your company would support this kind of project?

King’s Gate Christian School is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donors can receive a tax write-off for financial and most in-kind donations of materials and/or services.

Funding RequestWonder Ground Fund Proposal_8.1

Please consider sharing the proposal with friends and family that would be interested in making a donation to help us reach our goal. If you would like to make a gift through our secure Pay Pal site, please click on the following link: https://kingsgateschool.com/give/

Donations can be made by writing a check to King’s Gate Christian School with “Wonder Ground” noted in the byline.

You can mail the gift to: King’s Gate Christian School, Project Wonder Ground, 11400 N. Portland Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73102