Running Club – Just Run!


Hello and welcome to the King’s Gate Christian School running club!! I hope you are as excited as I am to start the year off right!!

New running logs here: Running Log

Here is some information please read carefully:

  • The running club is a competition for students (grades 1-6) to keep track of how many miles a student has walked or run.
  • For every 25 miles the student runs(walks), they will be given a mile marker bracelet and be recognized by their class once a month.
  • When the student reaches 100 miles, they will receive a “100 mile Running Club” t-shirt and be allowed to attend the 100 mile running club event hosted by the PE teacher at the end of the school year.
  • The class with the most miles run by the end of the year will be rewarded with a special day hosted by the PE teacher at the end of the year.


  • Due to some advantages taken in the past on miles turned in, students will ONLY be able to count miles they have WALKED or RUN. THIS WILL NO LONGER INCLUDE MILES FROM OTHER SPORTS, ACTIVITIES or PRACTICES. This new rule is to make things fair across the board for all students bringing in miles.
  • Miles are DUE by the last week of each month and are capped at 25 miles (FROM HOME PER MONTH). If you have exceeded the number of miles for the month, you may carry them over to the next month. A grace period will be extended to students who need a few extra days, HOWEVER, miles that are over a month late MAY NOT be turned in.
  • Miles that are turned in at recess are added weekly and MAY EXCEED the 25 mile cap from home miles.
  • Please continue to use integrity with your miles and calculate them to the best of your ability (i.e. if you don’t have a fitbit type device, drive the distance you are walking for a more accurate representation of your miles, or look up the distance on the GPS element).
  • Miles will not be accepted until the bottom of this form is returned signed by both you and a parent.
  • Miles turned in using a fitbit, Microsoft band, Apple watch, etc. must be extra miles (purposeful to our goal) and time spent achieving those goals… not just the regular walking habits of your day (i.e. walking from class to class). We ask that you use your integrity and honesty when turning in ALL of your miles.
  • Laps will only be counted from SCHOOL. Any miles from home must be turned in in MILE form. Steps, laps and any other form must be converted to MILES before being turned in.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Running Club in years past and we look forward to a new year full of healthy habits and loads of running!!

Print off new running logs here: Running Log

For questions or comments: .                                           Mrs. Barr (PE Teacher)