Julie Davidson

We chose King’s Gate Christian School for our 3rd grader Zane because we valued the small class sizes and developmentally appropriate Christian education.  Zane has found a loving community of friends and wonderful teachers who know who he is by name and character. Zane loves King’s Gate Christian School. Academically, Zane has progressed in the past two years. Coming from the public schools, he was behind in his reading skills and he hadn’t been introduced to phonics till he came to King’s Gate. Zane is now reading above grade level and significantly above in math. The spiritual aspect of loving God and loving others and being able to read and understand biblical principles is important to our family. King’s Gate had a huge impact in Zane making a decision for Christ in 2nd grade due his being in a loving Christian environment that reinforces what we are teaching him at home and church.

Heath Clark

I love that parents have a voice in the direction of their child’s education and development.  The leadership and staff seek out, listen, and respect the opinions of the families here.  I have comfort in knowing my child is growing in an environment that looks at the well being of the whole child – physically, socially, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. – Heath Clark, King’s Gate Parent

Kelli Keffer

We came to King’s Gate in the fall of 2015 and what a blessing it has been for our family! King’s Gate has the most loving teachers, administration, kids and parents. It’s a community that is centered around Christ, rejoices in kids being kids and is full of love for every family. Our children have learned so much in the small classroom environment and have a passion for learning that every parent wants for their child. We are so excited to continue to “Grow with King’s Gate”! – Kelli Keffer, King’s Gate Parent

Heather Harkins

Kings Gate has provided the community, hands-on learning and one-on-one attention we desired for our curious learner. The staff nurture not just the academic side but the emotional and spiritual as well to further my daughter’s growth as a productive citizen. We have enjoyed our older daughter’s experience so much we are enrolling our other daughter for the next year. Having home schooled both in the early years Kings Gate has been a great fit with our values and desire for interactive education. In this atmosphere our daughter is thriving and we look forward to seeing her continued progress. We recommend Kings Gate to any family seeking a school partnership that brings out the best in their child!

Micki Hargrave

We have been absolutely thrilled with the level of care and education our son has received in his 4 months attending King’s Gate! He has made incredible progress in handwriting, reading and comprehension, social skills, and self-confidence. In fact, after his 2 day trial period in King’s Gate’s first grade class, he was already a different kid from the homeschooled first-grader we had known for the 3 previous months – he was confident, more respectful, better aware of others, and most importantly, he carried an internal peace we had not seen before. The environment and structure at KGCS has been monumental in his development in this season. We are so very grateful. – Micki Hargrave, King’s Gate Parent and Assistant Children’s Ministry Director at Our Lord’s Community Church. A.T. Hargrave, Micki’s husband serves as Lead Pastor of Our Lord’s Community Church.

Carley Lewis

I first heard about King’s Gate through Ms. Laurie Gillum. My daughter started in the CDC and I knew she was exactly where God wanted her to be, the teachers and staff care so much for every child at King’s Gate. As time went on I realized how special this school really is, the curriculum is rich and I love having her in a faith based school. The friendships we have both made will last a lifetime and I truly consider everyone at King’s Gate to be our extended family. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces as I walk the hallway and watching the teachers interact with the children makes me beyond thankful to have my daughter in such an amazing school. I cannot imagine her going to any school other than King’s Gate!! – Carley Lewis, King’s Gate Parent


Laura Gautreaux

As a former Christian school educator and now a dyslexia therapist, choosing a quality educational environment for our kids is a priority for our family. Initially, we looked into King’s Gate because my husband and his brothers attended.  I was drawn to King’s Gate because of the curriculum that is utilized and the Christian perspective from which it is delivered. Our daughter absolutely loves going to school and I believe it is because King’s Gate is a warm, nurturing, and academically stimulating environment.  There is not another school that compares to what King’s Gate provides and the manner in which they provide it.  I believe our children are getting an amazing foundation both academically and spiritually at King’s Gate. – King’s Gate Parent, Laura  Gautreaux

Joan Brenizer

“I love Kings Gate Christian School because they take great care in teaching and loving my child.  They offer every child individualized love and attention that you don’t really find at public schools.  I love that my daughter is so knowledgeable about the Bible and God’s love for her.  Her love for God grows everyday.” – Joan Brenizer, King’s Gate Parent and Teacher

Tatum Alberson

We chose King’s Gate for its small class size and for its Christian based education. My children can learn about Jesus in their education and they are encouraged to pray. I love that my children pray everyday for one another. We have positive Christian role models to teach and care for our children. Our daughter was very shy when she started school, but her teachers took the time to build a relationship with her. She learned to love to go to school and she still runs up and gives her teacher from last year a hug. The open communication style of teachers and weekly emails allow us to follow our children without helicopter parenting. King’s Gate students came to Whitefields to help throw a Valentines party for our boys, which was a great example of the school living out its mission. We are looking forward to many more years with our King’s Gate family. – Tatum Alberson, King’s Gate Parent

Melissa Mbride

Thanks to a good friend’s recommendation, my family and I are so pleased to have found a great community at King’s Gate.  When one hears the word “community,” one does not automatically relate that to the idea of school. Yet, those two notions seem almost synonymous at King’s Gate. As my daughter and I make our way to her classroom every morning, it feels just like home. King’s Gate has such a healthy and vibrant learning community, where teachers strive to individualize instruction to every child’s learning requirements, all the while partnering with parents. Parents, students, and staff work hand in hand, truly care for one another, and celebrate each other’s successes. We love King’s Gate and could not imagine sending our daughter to any other school.  – Melissa Mbride, King’s Gate Christian School Parent