Brian Smith

When my son was very young, we discovered that he was a ‘sensory seeking child’; meaning he seemingly had the energy of three kids. We were involved with ‘Sensational Kids’, and I asked them who they would recommend as the best school for our son as he was entering Pre-K. They highly recommended King’s Gate Christian School. We had never heard of it, but took their recommendation and checked it out.
I visited with King’s Gate’s Director, Wyndi Bradley. After our visit, I knew it was the right school for my son. She made me to believe that they would love and educate our child with the greatest care, in a wholesome, christian environment. Eight years later, we can tell you that that’s EXACTLY what they do at King’s Gate. Time has flown, and my child is a happy, smart and still energetic (but in control) child. His personal and spiritual growth is at a wonderful place because of Wyndi and her staff at King’s Gate! We’ll forever be indebted to that day back in 2009 when we met met with Wyndi!

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