Micki Hargrave

We have been absolutely thrilled with the level of care and education our son has received in his 4 months attending King’s Gate! He has made incredible progress in handwriting, reading and comprehension, social skills, and self-confidence. In fact, after his 2 day trial period in King’s Gate’s first grade class, he was already a different kid from the homeschooled first-grader we had known for the 3 previous months – he was confident, more respectful, better aware of others, and most importantly, he carried an internal peace we had not seen before. The environment and structure at KGCS has been monumental in his development in this season. We are so very grateful.

– Micki Hargrave, serves as Ministry Director at Our Lord’s Community Church and A.T. Hargrave, Micki’s husband serves as Lead Pastor of Our Lord’s Community Church.

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