Volunteer Opportunities

Ways to Makes an Impact: 

  • Surrey Hills Campus: Can you help a class weed, water and plant flowers in the butterfly garden?
  • Hefner Pointe and Surrey Hills Campus: We LOVE guest readers in preschool and elementary classes.
  • Hefner Pointe and Surrey Hills Campus: Resource room helpers are needed to assist our teachers in preparing materials for their weekly lessons.
  • Help gather social media content and interview individuals for school publications

Helping Hands Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Volunteers are needed to help with tasks around the school. We have on-going projects in the Library, such as making copies for the teachers and one-time projects as well. A couple of hours can make a big difference.
This is a great way to get to know the school and be near your kiddos. They absolutely light up when they see parents and grandparents helping out (and the teachers really appreciate the support!).
Tuesdays and Thursdays teacher helper days will be at the Surrey Hills campus and Fridays will be at the Hefner Pointe campus. This will be an on-going schedule. Feel free to sign up for one or a few shifts as you can help. Many hands lighten the load for all! Email us with any questions at pto.kingsgate@gmail.com
We appreciate your help!

Volunteer Bus Driver Details: 

Would you like the opportunity to minister to students and families through pick-up and drop-off services? We are seeking on-going volunteers to drive students with our new 29-passenger Mid-bus. Volunteer drivers will take students to the Surrey Hills campus at 8:10 am and drop students off at the Hefner Campus at 3:30 pm. We are also seeking substitute drivers that can periodically fill in for daily bus drivers and to help provide transportation during periodic field trips.

Ideal candidates will…

  • Follow Jesus authentically and energetically
  • Relate to children, families & staff in ways that honor GOD
  • Are responsible strong volunteers who love children
  • Possess a CDL license with a class B and P endorsement

How to register to become a driver

Please confirm the days and times that you can drive with Mrs. Shenae Nicholson, Principal, Surrey Hills by calling at 405-752-2111 or email her at: snicholson@kingsgateschool.com

Process to register for a CDL to drive the Mid-bus:

  • Written exam
  • Permit will be good for 180 days
  • There is a hold on the permit for 14 days before you can take the driver’s test
  • State issued (original) birth certificate or passport
  • When the driver’s test is passed (with the first attempt) there will be a $20 replacement fee to change the permit to an actual CDL
  • Proof of residency (Example: utility bill, title to vehicle or W-2)
  • DOT medical card not required for nonprofits not related to public schools. You will be required to sign a medical affidavit (check box #2) to be released from the requirement of turning in a medical card.

For more information about obtaining your CDL, please visit the Oklahoma DMV website at:http://www.dmv.org/ok-oklahoma/