WinTerm for the Win

     Our 6th-8th grade students participate in WinTerm (Winter Term) the first two weeks after Christmas break. This is an opportunity to enrich their education, discover new interests and explore their creativity. WinTerm courses present an opportunity for students to choose 3 of the following courses and receive a semester’s worth of learning in that two week period.
          Communications/Videography: This course is facilitated by guest teacher, Pastor Joe Brannen. Students learn how to tell a story using words, video and photographs; what makes a good photograph; leading lines; framing and much more. Working in groups, they are creating promotional videos for King’s Gate and have toured the main Life Church campus for a behind-the-scenes look at how to produce videos from start to finish.
               MasterChef Junior- These students delighted the staff with their cooking skills as we “taste tested” their creations. They made cinnamon rolls with Mrs. Angie Steedman, and learned to decorate a cake with King’s Gate teacher, Ms. Ryan Ladd. Valerie Boudreaux has taught the students amazing dishes including homemade noodles, alfredo sauce, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, breakfast food, salsa and so much more.
              Mock Trial- Under the direction of King’s Gate teacher, Mrs. Hannah Comodeca, the students have learned courtroom procedures and the art of convincing a jury. They are preparing to argue a case filling the roles of the judge, lawyers, jury members and witnesses. Several staff members are preparing to be cross examined by this class.
             American Sign Language- King’s Gate teacher, Mrs. Heather Flowers is teaching students how to communicate using American Sign Language (ASL). They are working on the alphabet and how to use ASL in conversation. They have enjoyed using this language and learning how complex it can be.
          Crime Scene Investigation- King’s Gate teacher, Mr. Darrell Ray is teaching how to investigate a fake crime scene using real CSI skills. They are learning to check for evidence and document it, proper technique for taking crime scene photographs, sketching, different kinds of evidence and using logic and scientific method to solve a crime.
          This WinTerm opportunity aligns with King’s Gate’s goal of equipping the whole student for their individual calling through a rich, experiential education. We want the students at King’s Gate to know about different career opportunities and to understand how their educational experience contributes to everything in their lives.

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