Second Location 2018-2019 – Surrey Hills Baptist Church

King’s Gate Christian School will be expanding our school, by adding a second campus at Surrey Hills Baptist Church campus for the 2017-2018 campus. 1st – 7th grade will be located at this campus. We creating a dynamic outdoor learning classroom with the wetland located behind the building. Sports equipment and playground space is also in the works! For more information about our school expansion plan, please visit the Growing King’s Gate page. For more information about classes and details about each grade, please visit our Programs and Classes page.

Outdoor Classroom and Playground (7/26/2017)

We are proud to announce that Project Wonder Ground has launched! Please check out our funding request here: Wonder Ground_Proposal

If you would like to see the project unfolding first-hand, please check out our weekly updates at our Project Wonder Ground Facebook Page.

Come for a tour and enjoy free family activities at our Outdoor Adventure – Back to School Bash, Friday, August 18th from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. We’ll have a petting zoo, nature activities, archery, face painting, food trucks, nature walks and tours of our school. Please let us know if you are coming by signing up HERE

Lockers are here! (3/29/2017)

The lockers have been installed and Surrey Hills Baptist Church is looking more like a school every day. The lockers have been placed in the commons area, which is now affectionately known as the Lion’s Den. The 3×3 foot sign will be placed in the room as well. Our mascot lion needs a name. Aslan? Larry or Leo? What do you think?

All Aboard! The new Mid Bus has Arrived! (2/28/2017)

Our new 29 passenger Mid Bus arrived February 27th and our classes are already discussing field trip possibilities! We are looking for a few parents and teachers that would be willing to become CDL certified to help drive next fall – August 2017 before and after school. We need to find 2-4 drivers. If you would be willing to be a primary driver, substitute or field trip driver – let us know! For additional details, please contact Mrs. Wyndi Bradley, Director at

Outdoor Wetland Clean-Up: Phase 1 (2/13/17)


Jerry Wood’s roofing company graciously offered to help clean-up years of brush and fallen trees that have covered the wetland behind Surrey Hills Baptist Church. Ms. Laurie, our science teacher directed the team through the clean-up process and made sure to save a pile of branches to create a small shelter covering for animals that visit the wetland. The next phase of the clean-up will include removing the bar wire fence and cleaning out brush under some of the trees to create spaces for students to sit and observe, as well as, document their observations during outdoor classroom time.


School Transportation Survey Results!

We are partnering with you to find transportation solutions. We want you to know that you are not making these big decisions alone. 38 parents turned in a survey and here are their responses. In addition, several of you asked excellent questions and the answers are included below the survey.

Our vehicle of choice: 2007 Mid-Bus Guide DRW (29-Passenger +Driver) MFSAB (Mileage of 15,247) *Picture above


Transportation Questions and Answers

Will there be a cost for transportation?

The Growing King’s Gate campaign was designed with a portion of the funds ($35,000) set aside for transportation. This cost does not include the salary for a driver, gas, insurance and maintenance. Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts!

If so, what can we reasonably expect?

We do not know the exact cost, but we will have to fundraise as a school to meet the costs over and above the Growing King’s Gate campaign.

What is the minimum age to ride the bus? Can booster seats be installed?

If they reserve a spot on the bus, then their booster seat will stay on the bus.

Why are we adjusting school hours for the Surrey Hills school location? Can you give me an example scenario of how a family can drop off two kids at both locations and still make it on time?

We are adjusting our school hours in order to allow families with children at both schools to arrive on time.

Example: Drop off at Surrey at 8:15 am – Pick-up at Hefner Pointe 8:30 am

Pick-up at Hefner Pointe at 3:00 pm and Pick-up at Surrey Hills 3:15 pm

Will Stay and Play be offered at Surrey Hill or Hefner Pointe? It depends on the needs of enrolling families. We are certainly offering stay and play at Hefner Pointe and we are working out the details for the Surrey Hills location. Details TBA.

Will outdoor play equipment be offered at Surrey Hill (i.e. Basketball hoop, balls etc.)?

Yes, we have a team of parents helping to plan the playground and outdoor classroom, which includes a wetland that will be restored. A volunteer clean-up crew of construction professionals will come out as a volunteer project to remove limbs and brush in the coming week. Wetland and playground plans will be released after the initial plans are drafted.

What time do classes begin? Drop off and pick up times were highlighted, but when do the actual classes begin for elementary?

Carpool is from 8:15 am – 8:30 am; however, classroom work is provided at 8:15 am. If you want one-on-one time with your child and teacher, then please have them present in class at 8:15 am.

Will Surrey Hills have the same special classes- Spanish, Art, Science and P.E.?

Yes- all the specials we know and love will be provided at Surrey Hills.

Will there be special circumstances for tardies or late pick-ups?

The bus will leave at 8:00 am. If a parent is dropping off, then a student will be counted as tardy if they come after 8:30 am.

What will the process be for families that want transportation occasionally, but not continually?

The service will be provided for “drop-ins” only if we have a spot available on the bus.

If students are using the transportation service will the service drop-off and pick-up? Can we choose one or the other?

Yes, parents can choose between pick-up and drop-off as two separate services. Priority will be given to families that request both services.

Follow-up question: If I only need one service (i.e. drop-off vs. pick-up), then can we choose only one?

Yes, but priority will be given to those families who need both drop-off and pick-up service.

Please let us know if any questions or concerns come to mind! Mrs. Wyndi and Shenae will be available for FAQ Fridays to answer questions at 2:30 pm on Fridays in the month of February. Also, they are always available for a personal appointment. Mrs. Wyndi’s email address: and Mrs. Shenae can be reached at




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