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Planned gifts such as securities, real estate, life insurance, endowments, bequests, and trusts are set up to suit the individual needs and lifestyle of the door while providing King’s Gate with a significant gift. This gifting style can provide you with significant tax benefits and incentives while enhancing the lives of students for generations to come.  


You may have marketable securities including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that you no longer need and wish to gift. You can make a gift of securities to King’s Gate through a few convenient methods. Gifts of securities may allow capital gains taxes to be avoided if given or transferred to King’s Gate directly.

Real Estate

Homes, farms, commercial property, rental property, and other real estate can be given directly to King’s Gate. We can help you carefully plan this type of gift to ensure the best results for you and the neighbors you will help. King’s Gate Christian School cannot assume liabilities that may be attached to certain gifts of property. Other tax implications may also need to be considered.

Life insurance

You may own “paid-up” policies, the proceeds of which are no longer needed. In this situation, you can assign King’s Gate as the owner and beneficiary. New policies may also be purchased, with King’s Gate named as the beneficiary. In this case, the amount of the premium paid is tax-deductable.

Wills and estates

You can give a gift that reaches into the future to enhance the lives of our students. King’s Gate works closely with WatersEdge to assist those who need help planning. As a ministry to the people of Oklahoma, WatersEdge provides expense reimbursement to those who designate 10% of their estate or $25,000 to King’s Gate.  

gifts and annuities

If you choose to set up a gift annuity, you will receive income for life or term of years and make a substantial gift to King’s Gate. This income has an interest rate based on your age, which is frequently above the rate paid by traditional investments. A percentage of the initial gift provides immediate tax deduction, and part of the income may also be tax-free.

charitable remainder unitrust

We can help you set up a unitrust, benefitting you and King’s Gate. With a unitrust, the donor receives income for life or term of years. The income amount changes every year because it is re-valued annually and is based on a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust’s assets. The initial gift amount of the trust and the percentage of return must meet certain standards.

charitable remainder annuity trust

Make a larger gift than you ever dreamed with an annuity trust. With this type of trust, the donor receives a set amount of income for life or term of years and sets the payment. The payment amount is chosen at the outset. The income payments are fixed based on starting valuation of the trust.

If you have any questions regarding these types of gifts, or if you need help establishing them, please contact:

Corky Eshelman, Development Director


[email protected]