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Procedure for Admission

Enrollment each year begins in January of the preceding school year. A non-refundable registration fee of $300.00 will be due for each child enrolling in King’s Gate. After March 1st, $350.00. The returning student enrollment fee through March 1st is $250.00 and after March 1st, $300.00.This registration fee must accompany the completed application form, along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate and current shot record. There is a one-time $50 application fee per student. Tuition costs are detailed on page one of the enrollment packet. Extended day and before and after school costs are detailed on page three of the enrollment packet.

Priority Enrollment Guidelines

Priority enrollment is offered with the following guidelines:

  1. Students already in attendance of a King’s Gate program will have first priority.
  2. Siblings of attending students will be given second priority.
  3. Children of active members of Surrey Hills Baptist Church will be given third priority.
  4. Children who are on the waiting list will have fourth priority.
  5. Children whose families have been closely involved with King’s Gate Christian School and King’s Gate  programs will be given fifth priority.

Waiting List

To be added to the waiting list for the CDC, please email the following information to

  • Child’s name
  • Birthday
  • Parents’ names
  • Address
  • Two Phone Numbers

Enrollment Policy & Statement of Non-Discrimination

King’s Gate programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, national and/or ethnic origin in the administration of our policies and programs. All enrolled children are granted the same rights, privileges, programs and activities. We want and will take every opportunity to love and teach every child regardless of the lifestyle or beliefs of their parents, family members and/or friends. Parents and guardians of children enrolled in *King’s Gate Programs understand that we are a Christian ministry with an evangelical commitment to teach historic Christianity. All those who represent an enrolled child are asked to honor and respect our Christian standards while present in our host church’s facility or participating in a King’s Gate event in the community.

*King’s Gate Programs include King’s Gate Christian, School, Child Development Center, and the Summer session.

We Would Love to Answer Your Questions…

Q&A: Why do parents help fundraise since they already pay tuition?

At King’s Gate we do not ask parents to help sell cookie dough, popcorn on Fridays or participate in any catalog fundraising. We have three main fundraisers, the annual Winter Wonderland Gala in November and the Amazing gRace in the spring.

Your support of King’s Gate’s Fundraising efforts helps to provide enriched classrooms, qualified teachers and strong unmatched ratios beyond what can be provided with tuition alone. The costs to educate one KGCS student are covered as detailed below:

Gala and Amazing gRACE events cover 10 percent of the costs associated with educating one student. Event funds cover costs that include curriculum, technology and specials.

Tuition: Covers 80 percent of the costs that include, but are not limited to salaries and personnel expenses, insurance, cleaning, teaching supplies, consumables, technology, library, Sycamore, administration, printing, postage, telephone, Internet and utilities.

Growing King’s Gate Funds (GKG): covers 10 percent of the costs including underwriting salaries to ensure strong teachers in added classrooms.

10% Growing King's Gate