We are proud to offer a unique science program at King’s Gate, led by our science teacher Laurie Gillum. Ms. Laurie received her undergraduate degree at Lewis and Clark College in biology. She then worked as a wildlife biologist in the rainforests of Hawaii and the oceans of Alaska and Canada. She received her graduate degree from UMASS-Amherst where she did research on the Piping Plover along the barrier beach system of Cape Cod, MA. For the next six years she worked as the endangered species biologist for the state of Maryland and taught conservation biology at Johns Hopkins University. This past summer, Ms. Laurie traveled to the rainforests of the Amazon to continue her education. Ms. Laurie brings her wide variety of life and education experiences to King’s Gate, along with a passion for sharing her love of science and of God’s creation with our children. Ms. Laurie has been a part of the King’s Gate staff since 2002. To read more about Laurie’s incredible journey, please read our Interview with Laurie.

All King’s Gate students who attend Monday through Friday attend weekly science classes with Ms. Laurie, as well as participating in hands-on experiments and discovery activities in their classroom centers. During the year the children experience several “Guest Animals” brought by Ms. Laurie during science class, and in addition, each classroom at King’s Gate has “Animals in Residence” that remain in the classroom throughout the year. Observing and caring for their animals provides countless opportunities for learning by observation and interaction. These animals also help reinforce values such as responsibility.

King’s Gate had their first ever science fair in March, 2006. We decided to have the event to celebrate the children’s interest in science and their love of science. We contacted 3 other school districts and could not find a school that had a science fair for children in kindergarten. The children did an amazing job showing off all they have learned this year about the rain forest and the animals that live there. The kindergarten children did individual projects while the other children did class projects. All projects were on display at the Open House.

Visit our link below to view the Dog Shark dissection from 5th-6th grade:

Part 1

Part 2

Dr. Robert Foreman, a research scientist (professor at OU Medical Science Center) visited the school to talk to the children about their projects. He was so impressed by the children of King’s Gate that he left them all ribbons to encourage them to always work hard. Dr. Foreman expressed his sentiments to the kindergarten children in a letter: “It is unusual to find young scientists who work so hard to understand the world God Created. This letter and this ribbon are my way of saying “Great Job!” You are an amazing young person, and as a fellow scientist, I am proud of you.” 

The Science Fair is consistent with the philosophy at King’s Gate. The children were able to learn through their experiences as they lived out the scientific process of testing theories and building on prior knowledge. Children were able to construct knowledge through opportunities for teamwork, moral development, problem solving, sharing knowledge and critical thinking.

In the King’s Gate science program, children’s natural curiosity about science is respected, nurtured and extended. Through the science program, the children are introduced to the wonders of GOD’s Creation in a fun and interactive way.